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Management Advisory Services and Corporate Restructuring


We provide our clients with following types of Corporate Restructuring & Management Advisory Services :

  • Advisory Services to Central / State Board restructuring / unbundling into Corporate Entities / Public Sector Undertakings.

Restructuring/ unbundling of Central/State Board into Corporate Entities means dividing the Board into Certain number of Corporate Entities. Firm has successfully restructured Punjab Board and Meghalaya Board.

  • Advisory Services for Merger/ Demerger/ Amalgamation.

Amalgamation implies where the properties of the transferor-company vest with a view to its business being continued as a going concern by transferee-company. Amalgamation is thus blending of two or more existing undertakings into one, the shareholders of one company becoming substantially the shareholders in the other company too. Very often amalgamation takes the form of mergers of one/ more companies with the other companies involved in the amalgamation and forming a new company to takeover the assets and liabilities of these companies

  • Advisory Services for Valuation of Assets / Equity Shares in relation to Take-over/ Merger/ Demerger/ Amalgamation.

At time of Take-over, Merger, Demerger/Amalgamation companies are required to revalue their assets. This is done with a view of paying the liabilities or having an exact value of the assets being held by the companies.

* Advisory Services for Public / Right Issue Management.
* Advisory Services for Private Equity Placement / Venture Capital Placement.
* Advisory Services for Joint Equity Participation.
* Advisory Management Services for Bid Processing for Corporate Restructuring of Central / State Government Board into Corporate Entities / Public Sector Undertakings.
* Advisory for Bid Processing Central / State Govt Mega Projects.

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