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The ESI Act.1948 envisages an integrated social insurance scheme to provide social security to the industrial workers in certain contingencies such as sickness, maternity, temporary or permanent physical disablement and death due to employment injury resulting in loss of wages or earning capacity. The act also guarantees full medical care to the workers and their dependent family members.

All non seasonal factories using power and employing 10 or more persons and non-power using factories employing 20 or more persons are coverable under the ESI Act. The act has also been extended to establishments like shops, hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, road motor transport agencies and news paper establishment employing 20 or more persons. All employees in such factories and establishments getting wage up to Rs.6500/-P.M. are coverable under the Act.

We provide our clients with the facility of registering under ESI while they relax in their home/office by simply providing the necessary information for filling the requisite form.